Zero deposits – The reality

Zero deposits – The reality

The introduction of zero deposit for tenants looking to let a residential property is available in various forms. Generally speaking it is an indemnity insurance policy that is purchased by the tenant and can have an annual renewal cost like most insurance policies.

The tenant positives are:-

The property would be attractive to a wider audience as no physical deposit would be required and it makes letting more affordable for the tenants.

  • Allows you to start the rental process quicker, no longer having to save for a deposit
  • Your moving costs are reduced as there is no need for a large upfront deposit to be paid
  • Monies usually tied up in a deposit can be utilised to help with move in costs and things such as furniture for the property
  • No risk of the deposit not being paid back, because there wasn’t one
  • Once agreed, the scheme will remain active until end of tenancy


The landlords risks are:-

  • The tenant is unable to save a deposit so are they able to afford the rent?
  • A third party will have an input on any claim against the deposit which offer less control for the landlord.
  • The new zero deposit is untested and this could be a realistic concern.
  • The appointed letting agent has less control over the check out and cannot complete the work for the landlord that has been in place for many years.
  • Hampshire Land & Lettings do not utilise or recommend any zero deposit schemes as it weakens the landlords position at the end of the tenancy with dilapidation’s and rent arrears. It is not a tried and tested method and as when applying for a mortgage the lesser the deposit the greater the risk to the process and seller. Our duty of care is to the landlord and what is essential is that there is a procedure in place should an application need to be made against the bonded deposit. Insurance companies have strict criteria on any claim and therefore it is not something that can be recommended to our clients.

Hampshire Land and Lettings

What to expect from your Estate Agent

What to expect from your Estate Agent

When selling your home it is imperative that you carefully choose the right estate agent to represent you. The quality and experience of estate agents vary with many offering numerous additional services when what you want is to sell your home for the best possible open market value.Property Sales
Standard estate agent responsibilities include:-
Taking full and detailed information about the property, each room and producing a simple and accurate narrative about the property, its location and main features.
Completing a multi picture presentation with a floor plan and measurements of all rooms.
Promoting your property online along with local marketing to a buyer database.
Dealing with all enquiries efficiently and with knowledge of the property being enquired about.
Pre-qualification of the person / people enquiring to ascertain their residential position.
Conducting all viewings with accurate feedback after the appointment.
Offers are to be fully qualified and submitted with the facts to the seller and advice given to help achieve the best offer.
Once an offer has been accepted the agent should progress the sale with regular updates to the seller on the progress of the chain until exchange of contracts.

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Hampshire Estate Agent

As one of Hampshire’s most experienced estate agents we focus on the sellers needs in terms of providing an extremely professional and efficient service. We work tirelessly to achieve the best open market valuation for your property from the best qualified buyer. Our services include:-

  • Accompanied viewing appointments 7 days a week or later evenings.
  • Comprehensive online marketing via Zoopla Pro and Rightmove
  • Viewing feedback within 24 hours or an update on this if the viewer needs more time to consider their options.
  • Updated seasonal pictures
  • The benefit of 27 Years estate agency experience
  • Qualified offers and regular sales updates throughout the legal conveyance process.

We are a small independent company with a driven approach to our profession.

Hampshire Estate Agent

Hampshire Estate Agent top tips

Hampshire Estate Agent

Hampshire Estate Agents

---: top tips for finding your ideal home within the county

- Establish with your mortgage lender or financial advisor what your budget is.

- Identify the area that you would like to buy along with a secondary area eg, Whitchurch, Hampshire and Andover, Hampshire

- Research the location in Hampshire to ensure it has all of the amenities that you require for schools, work, socialising and communication links.

- Look at the recreational facilities and local transport infrastructure for the location in Hampshire.

- Look at the pricing trends via Hampshire Estate Agents and online property websites for Hampshire.

- Draw up a short list of properties to view within your preferred location.Hampshire estate agent

- Contact the Hampshire Estate Agents with the properties that you wish to view and make an appointment.

- Always review the location at weekends / later at night and in the morning to ensure you are comfortable with the location.

- Make an offer with peace of mind and knowledge that your mortgage application in principle is approved.